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The Ultimate Sacrifice

Line of Duty and Service Connected Firefighter Deaths

In their role serving the citizens of Portland, 77 (documented) firefighters have lost their lives.  Countless others have likely had their lives appreciably shortened or suffered illness without the means to connect it to the job.  Click on the PDF here to learn more about the list of professionals who died in service.  

Letter Between Mrs. Fleming and Mrs. Spencer

Virgil Spencer died in the line of duty on October 29, 1966.  Dale Fleming (Fire District #10) died in the line of duty on December 8, 1968.  This letter, from Mrs. Fleming to Mrs. Spencer, shares the terrible heartache felt by the survivors of a line of duty death.  One hopes that both widows eventually found peace.  It is certainly a reason that the fire service should recognize and remember those lost to service in the ultimate sacrifice.   

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