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map of portland fire stations

The map below shows the location of every address in Portland that served as a  fire station.  It is not possible to follow the lineage of an Engine Company by its number since numbers sometimes were mothballed or taken out of service for years.  Many stations served different Company numbers throughout the course of their service.  It should also be noted that the numbering system in Portland would periodically undergo a wholesale reassignment.  This occured in about 2010, 1984, 1960, 1924, and in 1883.  Notations are made on each location as to the status of the location (e.g. Active Station = In Service Today / Private Ownership = Still Exists But Is Not In City Service / No Longer Exists = The Structure is Gone).  Visit the "Portland Fire Stations" page of this web site to learn more about each location and see images of the station over time.    

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