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On November 16, 1862, Colburn Barrell (owner of the Lone Fir Cemetery property) and his wife deeded the Portland Fire Department a 100 x 100 foot square plot of land within the Lone Fir Cemetery.  This special location, to be known as the “Firefighter’s Section,” was reserved for any Portland Firefighter who would choose to be laid to rest there, at no cost (of the burial site) to the family.


To date, 146 burials have been made in the Firefighter’s Section.  Twelve members are Portland Firefighters who have died in the line of duty.  Their stories are compelling tales of bravery and sacrifice. 


Located in the heart of the greater cemetery, Block 5, the Firefighter’s Section is marked by a concrete post in each corner and a rose garden and flagpole at its center.  Grave markers are adorned with the markings of the fire company under which these firefighters so proudly served. 


While all of the firefighters buried there are notable, the twelve line of duty deaths have graves distinguished with a commemorative maker identifying them as a line of duty death. 

To find the Firefighter's Section, enter Lone Fir Cemetery on the east side roadway coming from 601 SE 26th Avenue.  Follow the main road west until it ends, then turn right.  The next intersection will find the Firefighter's Section on the right.  It can be identified by the flagpole and garden at it's center.  In the garden has a sign identifying the site.  Block markers will indicate Block 5.  

The Story of Lone Fir Cemetery


The story of the establishment and evolution of Lone Fir Cemetery is a fascinating and historic tale.  Since its origins in the 1850s, Lone Fir has undergone different ownership as well as the ebb and flow of care.  The cemetery covers 30.5 acres and is the resting place for over 25,000 people.  To learn the stories of Lone Fir is to learn the history of Portland.  The document here is a full history of Lone Fir Cemetery.  Click on the link to open it.  

Who Rests in the Firefighter's Section?


The Firefighter's Section is the final resting place for 146 people.  Not all were firefighters.  Spouses and children of firefighters are present.  Members buried come from all aspects of employment at Portland Fire.  The first burial was made in 1864 and the most recent, 2021.  The documents below allow you to search by name (alphabetical list by last name), by year, or by viewing a map of the Section.  Thank you for paying respect to these Portland Fire members.  

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